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Decorative Mouldings

Designed for either interior or exterior applications, our decorative moldings are beautifully detailed, crafted in lightweight but sturdy polyurethane. With their ease of installation, resistance to cracking, crumbling or warping, arriving to you factory primed and ready for paint, these decorative mouldings are quick and easy to install and an extremely cost effective choice for decorative mouldings. They are made in America and provide the highest quality possible.

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Crown Molding

Crown Mouldings

Worthington Millwork crown moulding is designed especially for sophisticated and elegant small rooms, grand entryways, or exterior applications. This crown molding is crafted from light but sturdy polyurethane and features finely crafted detailing. Factory primed and ready for paint, this moulding is available in a variety of heights and projections to compliment the size and style of your room.

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Crown Molding

Panel Decorative Mouldings

Worthington Millwork offers three configurations of pre-made panel decorative mouldings. Designed with a simple, elegant profile, these panel mouldings will add additional class to any room. Our panel decorative mouldings come in a 1-1/4″ wide profile and are available in three popular sizes. Orders for this moulding typically ship in just one week. Installation is a simple as securing with four screws and polyurethane adhesive for each panel.

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Crown Molding

Baseboard and Chair Rail Mouldings

Worthington Millwork baseboard decorative mouldings and chair rail decorative mouldings are available in several distinct profiles. Because baseboard mouldings and chair mouldings are typically used in higher traffic areas, Worthingtom Millwork manufactures these baseboards and chair rails from higher density polyurethane than our crown moldings. The result is a product with high durability regardless of the application. Use these with our panel decorative mouldings to optimize elegance in any room.

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